Workflow Solution Matrix Overview
Workflow Solution Matrix Overview
WSM Overview

If you are looking for an intuitive,user friendly document management
system that organizes and structures all your documents in one place
and makes access, retrieval and sharing of documents possible with a
single click, then stop here and tell yourself to look no further than WSM.

What is WSM - Document Management System?

Our Workflow Solutions Matrix - WSM is an all-inclusive Enterprise Document Management System empowering organizations just like yours to efficiently manage the lifecycle of documents.

A choice of On-premise install or SaaS (Software as a Service) offers you a flexible and configurable solution. WSM serves as a secure repository to store and organize all your electronic documents, from where they can be easily accessed, searched, retrieved, shared and routed as and when needed.

What can WSM Do for your Enterprise?

Whatever the scale of your operations or Business Processes, WSM is equipped to handle a wide variety of documents used throughout your company with ease.

WSM’s capability incorporates configurable workflows and helps you achieve efficient document transaction and collaboration. Thus making sure uploading, indexing, archiving, search-ability, sharing, Collaborating and global accessibility of every type of your documents on WSM an easy job for you.
Unlike other Document Management System, WSM is extremely user friendly, your team is definitely going to get the hang of WSM instantly. Thus reducing time on your lengthy training sessions.

Benefits of WSM?

WSM’s utility to manage documents and advanced workflows means that you can upload documents and automate business processes to increase efficiency and cut costs and time.

No more handling physical documents or searching for important records through files or sharing documents by fax, courier or posts at your workplace. With WSM and our Digitization services, it’s all effortless.

What Other Features does WSM have?

WSM's search features offer the filters you need to search and access the right document instantly and with a single click, documents can be shared across the organization and across globe offering you a better document control.

Document Digitization freezes out your physical space, while WSM provides perpetual preservation of documents in digital format.

Are you ready for a true document management experience?

To maximize benefits to you, Praxeva’s WSM is power packed with features such as version control, global accessibility with role based permissions, email alerts and notification, Digital Signature and many more. Click here to know more and pack a punch to manage your documents with ease.

Get WSM and use all your time in advancing your business rather than spending time to access documents.
Move to the next level in document management with WSM and save time. Ask for a WSM demo today for a better future tomorrow.
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